I am an actor comedian and writer, trying to make things, be in things and create things

Vaun Earl Norman



I was born in Middlesbrough and was brought up in and around Eston, Grangetown, and Southbank. I worked in the Oil and Gas Industry throughout UK and Europe for over twenty years.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the kidney and lymph nodes. Over the next five years i had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and several operations to debulk and kill off tumours. 

This treatment saved my life but it left me with some lifelong health conditions which left me disabled and requiring care now and again.

In 2017 I appeared on the Iain Lee Show in character in response to a call that Bob Mortimer made the previous night. Bob heard my call and through Iain Lee contacted me to audition for a new show him and Jim Moir were putting together.

This show was a dream come true for a big Vic and Bob fan. And Vic and Bob's big night out anniversary special came out in 2018.  i did a further two series in character with Bob and Jim. Since then ive appeared in live comedy shows, BBC sitcoms and Current Affairs comedy shows.


Carol Vascular worked for Mark Zuckerberg is his internet control unit she monitored the filth and swearing in John O'Sullivan's Latenight Lockdown and the John and JAM Show

Vaun and John O'Sullivan met in 2016 whilst both ringing into the Iain Lee show in character. John's Character was Pat Riley a strange man who lived with disabled mum, Pat often tried to perform live on radio which was brilliantly done by John. Since then Vaun and john have created a comedy duo and are writing and performing together.

JAM is a character that first appeared on John O'Sullivan's late night lockdown and The John and Jam Show. She works in an old people's home with a suspiciously high level of mortality for male members in the home, she lives in a tent on the A19. She categorically believes she is the mother of James Arthur.


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